About the Show

Automotive Manufacturing 2022 is ASEAN’s most comprehensive international event for automotive parts manufacturing industry. The show is a platform where auto-parts makers and related industrialists will congregate to indulge in the show’s rich content and exclusive business opportunities. They can speed up their businesses into the fast lane with a higher level of efficiency from new perspectives and knowledge to be provided in the show.

A part of “Manufacturing Expo 2022”

ASEAN's Leading Machinery and Technology Event for Manufacturing and Supporting Industries

Manufacturing Expo 2022 is ASEAN’s most comprehensive exhibition to empower the supporting and manufacturing industries including automation and assembling technology, mold making technology, electronics manufacturing technology, plastics and packaging, automotive body parts, and surface & coatings solutions. The shows will deliver up-to-date movements of industries and showcase the latest innovations and solutions. There will be the annual gathering of the community for more than 45,000 industrialists seeking the fastest way to enhance their manufacturing at full steam.


Automotive Special Equipment

• Press Machine • Press Brake • Hydraulic Press • Mechanical Press • Fiber laser Machine • Laser Cutting Machine • Water Jet Machine • Sawing Machine • Bending Machine • Shearing Machine • Forging Machine • Washing Machine • Die Casting Machine • Fasteners Machine

Automotive Welding

• Arc Welding Machine • Gas Cutting Machine • Laser Welding Machine • Plasma Jet Cutting • Small Electric Welding Machine Spot • Welding Machine • Welding Electrode Material • Welding Fume Exhauster

Automotive Testing

• Coordinate Measuring Machine • 3D-Coordinate Measuring Machine and Instrument • Precision Measuring • Optical Measuring & Testing Machine & Instrument • Control Measurement • Dimension Measuring Machine • Angle Machine & Instrument • Balancing Testing Machine • Digital Position Readout System • Gauge Length Measuring Machine • Vernier Caliper, Universal Measuring Microscope

Automotive Fastener

• Bolts • Nuts • Pins • Screws • Spring

Automotive Parts and Components

• Casting • Forging • Jig & Metal Forming • Polishing • Heating

Automotive Material

• High-strength Steel • Plate • Tubing and Bar of Automobile / Aluminum • Magnesium Titanium and Alloy Materials • Compound Material

Automotive Design

• CAD/CAM/CAE Software • Engineering Design • IT Solution • 3D Printer

Automotive Electronic Components

• Condenser/Capacitor Inductor/Coil • Magnetic Contactors/Circuit Breakers • ESD Protection Components • Insulating Materials • Directive RoHS Compatible Parts/Materials • Thermal Design Components (Heater Control Parts) • Radiator Boards/Materials • Connector • Cable • Sensor


Experts & professionals involved in the wide range of fields related to Automotive manufacturing

By Job Function
• Management • Procurement & Purchasing • Production • Engineering Quality • Control Research & Development • Service & Maintenance • Automobile Parts Manufacturing • Equipment Manufacturing • Metal Components and Products Manufacturing • Metal Fabrication • Precision Engineering and Supporting Industries


Automotive Manufacturing”  is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or sandals and minors under the age of 15 will not be permitted into the exhibition hall. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without cause or explanation.